Why I’m Running for Congress

I am proud to be running for Congress to represent Utah’s second congressional district as a Democrat. We need better representation for Utahns to stand up for our large number of unrepresented constituents. I could not just stand on the sidelines and watch our country go in an unfavorable direction any longer.

So I am standing up. I am standing up for myself, I am standing up for my children and entire family, I am standing up for my friends and associates, and I am standing up for YOU!

I want to reach out to all decision-makers in congress, and solve the problems that we face today. The major thing I learned with my math degree is that when confronted with a large problem, the key is to break it down. We must negotiate on a bipartisan level and reach common ground in order to move forward. The gridlock stubborn ways are not working. I will reach out to all people, young and old, rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans.

We are the people of the United States, and we must stand strong and we must stand united.

What I Will Work For

With your support, we can have stronger representation for Utah and move our state and country forward. We can accomplish this by ensuring that our citizens have access to a world-class education, providing an equal shot at the American Dream by making college more affordable, lowering health care costs, protecting the retirement benefits of our Senior Citizens, and moving forward with stewardship to protect our environment and natural resources.

My platform is one of fiscal responsibility. This will lead to more self-reliance and less dependence on government assistance.

With your help we can make positive changes:


  • Making college more affordable for everyone
  • Lowering interest rates and restructuring student loans
  • Pushing forward for Early Childhood Education for all
  • Defending the “Every Student Succeeds Act”

Affordable Healthcare

  • Protecting Medicare and Social Security benefits for our senior citizens
  • Assisting in negotiations for “Healthy Utah” and full Medicaid expansion
  • Improving health care with more affordable options
  • Working with healthcare professionals and legislators, so healthcare is affordable for everyone


  • Working to raise minimum wage to $12 per hour
  • Pushing for pay equality for women
  • Implementing affordable childcare programs for young parents so they can get back to work
  • Protecting the 120,000 tourism-related jobs in Utah
  • Creating new jobs in clean energy
  • Advocating for paid paternity and maternity leave to build stronger family bonds


  • Working for clean air
  • Advocating for alternative and sustainable energy
  • Educating to conserve water
  • Promoting stewardship to protect our natural resources

Map of Utah’s 2nd District

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Support Charlene

The only way we can make positive changes for Utah and America is with your help. Your donation will help get me into office where we can make the changes outlined in my platform.